WL Toys S977 Medium Metal Camera equipped RC Helicopter

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You wouldn’t think you could buy a camera for this price much less a remote controlled helicopter with and on-board camera. Our Medium Metal Camera equipped RC Helicopter shows that it doesn’t cost a lot to spy on your siblings. It features a 3 Channel 2.4GHz transmitter and is packed with a 300,000 pixel camera for video and photo just one click away from the transmitter. Another feature you would not expect at such a value price is that the weight is equalized 50/50.

It takes about 1 ¾ hours to charge and then you have about 10 minutes of flying and spying time. The controlling distance is 7-10 meters. Believe it or not, if there is zero wind you can fly this spy cam outside! The helicopter comes preassembled and it also comes with a USB charge cable. No respectable spy in the sky would have a unit that did not incorporate the latest high tech features.


  • 3 Channel 2.4GHz transmitter
  • Plug in the Micro SD Card
  • Packed with a 300,000 Pixel Camera for Video and Photo, one click away from the Transmitter
  • Well developed to create perfect 50:50 weight distribution
  • Take them both to any area with Zero Wind, and you’re ready to be a SPY!

In Depth

  • Functions: Left/Right, Forward/Backward, Upward/Downward
  • Charging time: About 1-1.75 hours
  • Flying time: About 10 minutes
  • Controlling distance: About 7-10 meters

In the Box

  • IR Remote controller
  • Pre-assembled Helicopter
  • USB Charge Cable
  • 2 Tail Rotor
  • 2 Main Blade
  • 512 MB Micro SD Card
  • USB Card Reader


  • (6) AA batteries for Transmitter (not included)